Esther en Eline gaan ervoor met TravelSupport

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Hey! We are Eline and Esther, two students of the Netherlands. We are 17 and 18 years old. We saw a gap in the market when it comes to traveling by plane for people with reduced mobility. Right now, you have to be lifted from your wheelchair to the chair in the airplane by assistants. This can be highly uncomfortable for both the assistant and the person that has to be lifted. We believe it is unacceptable that with the resources we have nowadays, there is still no solution to this problem.
We have both graduated in Technasium, which means we have done projects in the beta sector every year. Last year, we did our final project. We could choose a problem we wanted to solve ourselves and that’s how we found WelZoWijs and their goal to make traveling for PRM’s easier and more comfortable. We were inspired by their organization and their vision and we decided to partner with them for our final project. We are very passionate about helping people and we have made it our personal goal to find a solution to this underrated problem!

Together with WelZoWijs we have developed a product that supports people in the transfer from the wheelchair to the airplane chair. This way, lifting by assistants is not necessary anymore and the transfer is a lot more comfortable!

Our product is still a work in progress. If you want to know more about our product or the recent developments in our process, follow this page! On this page we will keep you updated on what we are doing to make our design reality!